About Us


Jane Yarrow and Santa Sebag-Montefiore are delighted to announce the launch of a new brand in Ski Wear – Longlanier – focusing singularly on ski sweaters.

While competitive British skiing in the 1950s and 60s embraced a Corinthian spirit, there were the highest standards of fitness and style. It was an era of chic individualism and elegance in ski wear – especially in the ski sweater. Before chairlifts and cable cars the sweater was the most important part of the day’s outfit because more time would be spent walking up the mountain than skiing down it.

Over the last 50 years, the ski sweater has sadly lost its pivotal position within skiwear as major brands largely prioritized expensive ski suits and fleeces. A key item in the winter sports wardrobe was neglected and Santa and Jane were alert to the gap in the market place because they, as keen skiers and shoppers, struggled to find sweaters they wanted to wear on the slopes.


Our first collection of classic ski sweaters for women come in three styles and three colourways. They are designed to wear over a base layer and under a jacket during winter, or on their own over a base layer in spring. They are made from 100% superfine merino wool, which is the most efficient fabric for the high-end performance skier thanks to its hygroscopic fibres, which regulate body temperature whatever the weather, and its antibacterial quality, which ensures you smell as sweet as if you had spent all day chilling out in your chalet. Made in the mountains of New Zealand, rather than in the lab, merino wool is 100% environment friendly, biodegradable and renewable.

Inspiration was drawn naturally from the timeless elegance of the 30s and 40s when Santa’s grandparents pioneered ski culture in the then remote village of Klosters, where they met in 1938. This renowned Alpine village is where Santa and Jane have always skied together and where the concept of Longlanier was born, inspired by the 1964 winter Olympic sweater worn by Santa’s father, Charles Palmer-Tomkinson.

Jane, from her 8 years experience as Director of Public Relations for Givenchy, LVMH, immediately saw the forgotten provenance of a hand made sweater, and knowing they couldn’t find them in the market place spent the last 18 months carefully turning a romantic concept into a relevant and chic product.

While the brand leans on the glamour of competitive post-war Alpine skiing (Longlanier is an Alpine term for the lace bindings used by accomplished skiers 50 years ago), the design couples this heritage with unique and contemporary styling. Jane and Santa were also determined to employ the best quality fine wools. The result is skiwear with great style and integrity, and the much-anticipated women’s range will be available for the forthcoming season.

Jane and Santa are excited about this relevant new product and they are already working on children and menswear ranges for 2012.